The living word come to life

Today we are used to reading bible texts ourself or having someone reading them to us. In the beginning it was rearely like this. The words were mostly retold orally. This is what I try to rekindle with Bibelen Live. Knowing the texts by heart creates an amazing oppurtunity to use voice, gestures and body to communicate. The living word come to life.
I have visited more than 300 places in Denmark and the Faroe Islands. At present my plan is not to travel the world reciting in English but all enquiries will be met in a serious way. Please watch the video below with the Nativity Story in English  if you want to se how it "works" when texts are recited. Maybe you will be inspired to start learning by heart and reciting in your church. I also hope many of you will share the video with all of the lovely people around the world. It is also a possibility to see videos in Danish.